After dropping out of high school at the young age of 16, the fiery unapologetic Chino Cappin attracted listeners with a sound that harked back to the Dirty South classic era of "Thuggish R&B". Repping Fort Valley, Ga, Chino is known for delivering deep heartfelt lyrics via catchy melodic cadences. His ability to sing to the ladies, while also keeping the attention of the streets has created an unprecedented lane for Chino. With no outlet, other than Instagram, Chino began uploading videos of him singing acapella in his bathroom. After amassing quite an audience he caught the attention of multi-platinum producer, Nash B. Known for his great work with R&B sensation, Jacquees, Nash B took Chino under his wing.  The two have been creating music ever since and will look to release Chino’s debut EP in 2019.